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  • How Corns Cause Problems How concerned should you be about your corns? Our Media podiatrists discuss how an untreated corn can cause you more and more trouble down the road.
  • Early Treatments for Soft Corns Can you get rid of a soft corn without surgery? Our Phoenixville area podiatrists walk you through common treatments for this painful foot condition.
  • Severe Corn Complications if Not Treated Quickly Could a foot corn actually lead to a life-threatening condition? Our Philadelphia foot and ankle doctors warn about the dangers of untreated corns.
  • Corn Prevention Tips For New Shoes A well-fitted pair of shoes is your best defense against painful calluses and corns. Our Philadelphia podiatrists explain how to find the right shoes for you.
  • A Warning Signs about Your Corns Corns on your feet can be more than annoyance—they can pose potential serious risks to your health. Our Philadelphia podiatrists can help.
  • Professional Treatment for a Corn A callus or a corn on your foot is nothing to be ignored. Seek treatment help from a local Media podiatrist to see that you are getting the right kind of care.
  • Common Callus and Corn Differences A corn on foot can look similar to a callus and be just as painful, but there are differences that a local Media podiatrist can help you spot and treat.
  • Discomfort of Corns Having foot corns can make even walking difficult. Why suffer? A Philadelphia area foot specialist shares treatment options.