Do you have a painful bump on the back of your heel?

Women may often get what is referred to as a “pump bump” from the heel rubbing against the back of a high-heeled shoe, creating a bony bump.  Haglund’s deformity is a condition that commonly occurs in females but can happen to anyone. 

Caused when the soft tissue near the back of the heel becomes irritated when the large, bony lump rubs against a shoe. This condition is a good reason to wear different shoes each day. Haglund’s Deformity can affect one or both feet.

Will my bump go away?

Haglund’s DeformityOnce a bump has developed, it will not go away without treatment. It is advised to speak with your Healthmark podiatrist to evaluate the bump. Often, lifestyle measures can help manage the bump and pain. A bone lump will not shrink without surgery. 

Do I need to treat my bump?

The bony bump may cause pain and make wearing shoes difficult. Left untreated, Haglund’s Deformity can lead to bursitis. 

Are you looking for a Haglund’s Deformity specialist in Philadelphia?

If you are looking for Haglund’s Deformity care in Philadelphia, PA? Contact an experienced Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associate podiatrist today.