Healthmark Foot and Ankle

Since 1987, Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates has been serving the greater Philadelphia community with forward-thinking medical staff, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge technology. It locally began in the small Borough of Media, Pennsylvania with an outreach that has stretched throughout the tri-state area. Healthmark Foot and Ankle offers a comfortable atmosphere yet a professional approach toward podiatry and orthopedics. The doctors and medical assistants follow a strict series of medical ethics and ideals that are put into practice every day.

The focus of Healthmark Foot and Ankle is to provide exceptional comprehensive care, as we are committed to delivering the highest advanced personalized service to every patient. Working closely with referring physicians and other health care professionals, the doctors at Healthmark Foot and Ankle bring compassionate care to the community.

5 Doctors, 4 Offices, 1 Vision


  • Care and prevention of sports injuries
  • Patient and doctor shared decision making
  • Commitment to maintaining and enhancing local foot and ankle and systemic well-being
  • Exchange of information derived from clinical-based evidence and research

Meet the team at Philadelphia-area Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates. We can’t wait to meet you.