Wounds happen. No two wounds are the same, like a snowflake. In life, we get minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and sometimes more serious wounds happen. It is important to care for wounds immediately to help reduce/control infections, scarring, and prolonged pain. 

Your Healthmark Foot and Ankle specialist will create a treatment plan for you to help your foot or ankle wound heal.

Wounds can happen from accidents, sports, shin injuries, or trauma related to underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and post-surgery. 

Foot and Ankle Wound Healing and Skin GraftingEssential wound care is important for the proper healing of all wounds. Almost as soon as you sustain an injury, your body begins the healing process, and that is why it is important to see your Healthmark Foot and Ankle specialist immediately. 

Wounds heal at different rates and require treatment to change as the wound changes. In-office debridement (removal of unhealthy tissue) and dressing changes may be necessary to ensure proper wound healing. 

More chronic, more complicated wounds may require more aggressive treatment and debridement in the operating room. 

Skin grafting is used as a last resort in wound healing. It can be used with chronic defects. When skin grafting is on the table, appropriate wound bed preparation is a must. Your skin has to accept the skin graft. Post-surgery, you must comply with post-treatment care for proper healing. 

Skin grafting usually takes samples from your buttocks, thigh, leg, calf, or heel side.  

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