The Sun's Silent Poison: Understanding Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a dangerous condition that can occur not only on your face and shoulders but also on your lower extremities such as your legs, feet, and toes. Skin cancer in these areas is more likely to be missed by your doctor; therefore, it is important that you be aware of the symptoms and risks.

Information You Need to Help Protect Yourself

In this free report, you will learn about:

  • Common causes of skin cancer. Sun exposure is the primary cause of skin cancer, but there are other causes, as well.
  • Risk factors that could increase your chances of developing skin cancer.  Five potential risk factors for skin cancer are identified, so you can easily determine whether you have an increased risk of developing this condition.
  • The different types of skin cancer and the warning signs of each type. This report explores three different types of skin cancer that may impact your lower extremities and discusses possible symptoms.
  • How skin cancer is diagnosed. Learn how a doctor may determine if you have skin cancer.
  • Other important facts. This report includes information about skin cancer myths and the cost of cancer. You will also learn how some skin cancers may be prevented.

Sun can cause skin cancer

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