Do you feel the arches in your feet higher than others? High arches can be genetic/familial but also caused by previous injury and or underlying neurological disorders, which may be progressive. A high correlation also exists between high arches and lower back and jaw problems. Many studies highly tie up to a 69% chance of back problems, underlying neurological disorders over time, and jaw problems with high arches.

The foot is connected to the rest of the body and can help identify underlying medical conditions. There is cause for concern for high arches if any of these issues occur:

  • High ArchesFoot Pain - With high arches, your foot can experience extra pressure on certain parts of the foot, causing pain, especially when standing or walking for extended periods of time. Foot pain can include heel pain and ball of foot pain.
  • Calluses and Corns - Increase pressure can lead to the formation of calluses or corns
  • Acute and Chronic Ankle Sprains - The instability of the foot with a high arch causes more strain and pressure on the ankle, resulting in common sprains. 
  • Shin Splints - Feet with high arches are typically rigid and non-shock absorbing. This can result in more strain on your muscles in the lower leg when the heel strikes the ground, resulting in shin splints. 
  • Stress Fractures - High arches can make your foot susceptible to stress/hairline fractures with extra pressure and stress placed on the foot repeatedly.
  • Balance and Coordination Problems - High arches can affect the way you balance and walk, making it more difficult to move around comfortably and safely. 
  • Instability - Becoming unstable in balance can lead to you becoming more prone to sprains and other injuries. 
  • Poor shock absorption-  Because the arch of your foot helps absorb shock when walking or running, you may not be able to absorb the shock as effectively, leading to an increased risk of stress fractures. 

In extreme cases, high arches can lead to foot deformities. This is not to scare you; many with high arches will walk through life without any problems. 

Finding shoes that fit can also be difficult if you have arches because the arch is so high. 

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