A Worldwide Epidemic Known as Metabolic Syndrome: First Signs Often Start in the Feet

Since 1987, we have diagnosed and treated thousands of people with metabloic syndrome.

Understand how diabetes, heart attack, and stroke are all related to the nation-wide health problem known as metabolic syndrome.

Some of the first signs of metabolic syndrome start in the feet. That toenail discoloration or tingling feeling you keep getting in your feet may be more than just a minor nuisance. It could mean you are suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Written by Nicholas M. Romansky, D.P.M., this information will open your eyes to this potentially fatal condition. Dr. Romansky explains how problems in your feet can be an indication of a much bigger problem. The most important features here are to become educated and then work with your doctor to treat the diagnosis and not just the symptoms.

You will find answers to such questions as:

  1. What is metabolic syndrome?
  2. What are the foot symptoms associated with diabetes?
  3. How is metabolic syndrome treated?
  4. Do I need to see a podiatrist?
  5. How will a podiatrist help me, if I am suffering from metabolic syndrome?
  6. What happens if I ignore metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome cannot be ignored, so take the first step in protecting your health and wellbeing by ordering your free copy of the report.

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