Corns—nobody wants them, but many people have them. This foot ailment seems minor, but nonetheless can have a huge effect on your daily life. Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates can get you back on track for a lifetime of walking. Don’t delay; call us today to get started treating your corns.

When to Treat Corns:
You should have your corns treated if they become painful, keeping you from walking, running and other daily activities. You should also see a Tri-state area podiatrist if you have fragile skin or if you suffer from diabetes or peripheral arterial disease.

It is never a good idea to treat corns yourself. Complications can arise that are much worse than the original problem. When you make your appointment to see a doctor, the types of treatment you will receive fall into two categories: non-surgical and surgical.

Non-Surgical Corn Treatment Options:
After an initial evaluation, your podiatrist may employ one or more of the following non-invasive options for treating your corn:

  • Replace your footwear with shoes and boots that fit properly.
  • Trim the corn with a small knife. This is an office procedure.
  • Train you how to use a pumice stone to remove dead skin.
  • Provide you with protective padding like moleskin or shoe inserts to help relieve pressure and rubbing.
  • Use salicylic acid to soften the corn.
  • Use metatarsal bar shoe inserts to help distribute your weight more evenly. Athletes commonly use these if they run a lot.

Surgical Corn Treatment Options:
Most corns can be treated without any type of surgery. However, in cases that are severe or painful enough when all other options have failed, your doctor may:

  • Surgically remove the corn at an in-office visit, which involves a minimal incision and quick recovery time.
  • Operate on a bone structure that is causing the problem, such as hammertoe or bunion.
  • If you have a soft corn between your toes, it is possible to sew the skin at the bases of your toes together after removing the corn. This creates a webbing that prevents the growth of another corn.

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