If you have been suffering painful corns in Phoenixville for longer than a year, you’ve probably been searching and searching for corn pain relievers that work. But what you may not realize is that you have only been treating the symptoms of your corns, and not the underlying problem that could get rid of them for good.

Many people will attempt to treat their corns themselves without a proper diagnosis from a Philadelphia podiatrist, only to have the corn return weeks later. Here are just a few things that will only temporarily relieve the discomfort of a corn:

  • Corn-eating” pads. Patients may run to the store for salicylic acid treatments such as corn paint, pads, or plasters that will allegedly “eat through” the corn. While the acid will burn away the layer of hardened skin over the corn, it will not remove the corn itself—and it does not know where the callused skin stops and the healthy skin begins, potentially causing even more pain.
  • Corn trimming. Many patients attempt home surgery for corn relief, including trimming off their corns and calluses with nail scissors or pumice stones. This is not only dangerous because patients do not know how deeply to cut into the skin, but also because an open wound can easily become infected in the moist environment of an enclosed shoe.
  • Corn surgery. You may think that surgical removal of a corn is the only way to prevent the condition from coming back. However, a corn can return even after surgery if that patient does not follow his doctor’s recommendation of proper footwear. 

At HealthMark Foot & Ankle Associates, we can help determine what’s causing your painful corn, allowing you to get rid of it for good. Call us today in Media at 610-565-3668 or in Phoenixville at 610-933-8644 to make an appointment.

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