When you see a soft corn develop between your toes, you may be tempted to treat it with over-the-couner corn removers. After all, a corn is a corn, right?

Not so fast. Store-bought corn remedies often contain salicylic acid, which breaks down the tough skin surrounding a corn. But soft corns are usually nestled in the moist areas between the toes, and the harsh chemical pads will not have much of an effect. In fact, they may cause the skin to break and cause an infection.

However, you can do a number of things to relieve the pain of soft corns in Phoenixville:

  • Footwear. The most effective early treatment for soft corns is finding well-fitting shoes. Good shoes with a wide toe box and a clean pair of cotton socks will not only relieve the pressure on your corns, but it can prevent them from coming back.
  • Clean and dry feet. Wash your feet daily with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly between the toes. If you have particularly sweaty feet, ask your doctor about using medicated powder in your socks to keep them dry. A small amount of antibiotic ointment may keep the soft corn from getting infected.
  • Padding. You may want to pad the area between your toes with a foam insert or cotton ball to further reduce the pressure on the corn.  
  • Injection. If your pain is severe, a doctor can inject a steroid or anti-inflammatory medication between your toes. This will ease the discomfort and may also shrink the size of the corn.
  • Surgery. If your soft corn is resistant to normal forms of treatment, you may want to discuss surgical options with your Philadelphia podiatrist.

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