Posted on Jun 04, 2012

After reading “Born to Run,” a best-selling book by Christopher McDougall, many runners were inspired by the story about an Indian tribe that ran for miles without pain and proper footwear. Many runners now go barefoot or use barefoot running shoes that mimic the feeling of being barefoot. 

Many runners swear they run better, while many others have suffered from a variety of foot problems because of it. Many runners are going into it at full speed, causing pain and months of inactivity. 

Case in point is marathon runner Ryan Carter. After trying barefoot running for only 3 weeks, he was already going 6 miles at a time. After a training run one day, he was suddenly unable to take another step. His right foot throbbed in pain. After resting for 3 days without any sign of relief, he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a stress fracture. 

Doctors are seeing a variety of leg and foot problems from barefoot running, including: 

  • pulled calf muscles;
  • stress fractures; and
  • tendinitis.


Some doctors see 3-4 injuries a week caused by barefoot running. Because barefoot running involves shorter strides, runners land on the forefoot or midfoot and therefore different muscles are affected. 

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