Not necessarily. Although it may seem strange, a popping sound is more commonly associated with an ankle sprain than an ankle fracture, leading many people to start their course of treatment quite literally on the wrong foot.

Here are a few side-effects of an ankle injury that can be both sprained ankle and fracture symptoms:


A “snapping” sound. It is common to hear a snapping or popping sound when one of the body’s joints is injured. A “pop” can indicate misalignment in an ankle, a knee, or a shoulder, without the presence of a fracture. 

Pain. Many people assume that overwhelming pain indicates a broken bone in the ankle. However, since some sprains can cause more pain than fractures do, pain level is an ineffective way to diagnose the injury.

Sensitivity. Being unable to stand, walk, put weight on the injured foot, or even touch the skin at the injury site can be signs of either a sprain or a break.

Swelling. Both breaks and sprains can cause swelling in the ankle and leg.

Bruising.While both a fracture and sprain can cause bruising, many patients with fractures won’t notice a bruise until their cast has been removed.


The best way to determine the extent of your injury is with a physical examination and an X-ray to check for signs of fracture. If you are suffering from a severe ankle injury in the Philadelphia-area, Healthmark Foot & Ankle Associates can diagnose and treat your injury today at three of our convenient locations.