If your sprain did not require surgery, you should see improvement in four to six weeks. However, patients will heal at different rates—and impatient sufferers may set back their healing times by trying to do too much too quickly.

Your sprained ankle treatment in PA will likely begin by immobilizing the joint. Most injuries will need to be protected from further damage as they heal, so you may need to wear a cast or boot to keep the ankle stable as you walk, sit, and sleep. 

Many patients who find walking difficult in the first week after injuring an ankle benefit from using a cane or crutches to bear their weight. However, much of the swelling and pain will subside in three or four days, especially if the patient applies ice and takes anti-inflammatory medication. 

When the swelling has subsided, your doctor may recommend motion exercises to strengthen your foot. These can be painful at first but will prevent stiffness as your ankle heals. It is vital that you only do as many movements—and only for the length of time—that your doctor prescribes.

The important thing to remember is that a full recovery cannot be rushed. Injuries from minor sprains to completely torn ligaments can heal without surgery, but recuperation will take time. There is no way to speed up the process, and there are many ways to re-injure the joint while it is vulnerable during healing.

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