If you suffered a sprained ankle in Media, you’re probably wondering how long you’re going to have to sit on the sidelines. Even those who don’t play sports are frustrated by the slow healing process that keeps them from moving about freely in their own lives, but a calm head is a great help to a wounded ankle.

Your doctor will tell you when the time is right for you to begin rehabilitation exercises. These will often start with little or no resistance and eventually build into strengthening movements—but you must be patient.

There are three stages of ankle sprain recovery:

  • Phase 1 (Week 1): All you should do during the first week of your injury is rest, protect the ankle from further damage and apply ice. Reducing the swelling will ease the pain and prevent chronic ankle problems in the future.
  • Phase 2 (Weeks 2-3): Once the pain has subsided, you may begin restoring strength and flexibility to the ankle. Range of motion exercises will make the ankle more stable, and also reduce your chances of a repeat sprain. You may move on to agility and balance exercises once you are completely pain-free.
  • Phase 3 (Week 6+): After you can walk regularly, you can return to daily activities and exercises that do not require sudden turning of the ankle. As you gain strength and mobility, you can gradually move up to sporting activities that require sharp ankle movements, such as tennis or basketball.

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