You might have known the moment you sprained your ankle that the damage was done. Maybe you heard a “pop” or a snapping noise, or perhaps you were in so much pain, you were sure the ankle was broken. For some people, though, a sprained ankle is something that happens gradually rather than being a sudden event.

Here are the most common ways sprained ankles occur:

  • Falls. During a fall you can twist your ankle too far in one direction, tearing the ligaments or forcing the joint out of its normal position.
  • Sports. Many ankle sprains happen during sporting activities; for instance, they can be the result of landing awkwardly on the foot after jumping or changing directions suddenly when running. 
  • Repetitive motion. A motion as simple as walking or running can lead to a sprained ankle if you’re not wearing proper footwear. So can exercising on an uneven surface.
  • Trauma. Any action that pulls the foot in an unnatural direction can cause a sprain. Being involved in a car accident, getting your foot trapped under an object, or even rolling your foot in the covers as you sleep can cause the ligaments to stretch too far.

Many sprain injuries can be treated successfully with rest, compression, and immobility. More serious sprains will cause extreme pain, though, and could require surgery to repair the damaged ligament.

Need To Know How to Treat Your Sprained Ankle?

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