Remember The 20 x 20 x 20 Rule


Sitting at a desk a lot today?

Stuck under florescent lighting for the rest of the week?

Are you aware of how many “smart” devices you’ve been staring into?

Our dependency on technology doesn’t seem to be ceasing any time soon, and we all need to go to work for countless hours each week. Have you given any thought to how our everyday habits influence our physical health and overall well-being? The road to a healthy coexistence with workplace and technological obligations is constantly changing, and so should our methods for staying one step ahead of their potentially long-term crippling effects.


We encourage our patients and staff to practice the 20 x 20 x 20 Rule when facing regular bodily confinement, specifically within the workplace. It’s simple:


Every 20 minutes you get up

….you walk 20 feet

…and you look ahead 20 feet or farther.


The body was not designed to be sitting all day. We are moving animals by nature. The 20x20x20 rule helps prevent pooling of blood in the feet, legs, and hips. The idea is to keep your blood flowing, every twenty minutes. So even if you are stuck in your office or house, you have to keep moving. The 20x20x20 method is very simple. Many people keep a reminder note on their computer screen or cubicle wall. Give it a try for one work week!

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