Posted on Jun 07, 2013

New research from Indiana University has found that people who use a pedometer are more active than people who do not use one.

The study had 4 men and 22 women between 40 and 66 years old participated in the 12-week study. In order to monitor their physical activity, they wore a $30 pedometer every day, which tracked their lower leg movements[.] In many ways, knowing that one has this device attached to them can keep them subconsciously aware that there is something measuring their activity, thus making them more active.

Over the course of the study, the researchers found the participants were much more physically active, resulting in a mean weight drop among the men and women of nearly 2.5 pounds[.] The study is very important especially for middle-aged, office-worker demographics who find themselves sitting for long periods of time with limited oppotunities for daily physical exercise.

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