Watch for These Foot Conditions and See a Phoenixville Podiatrist 

Constant numbness, unexplained pain and odd-colored nails are not normal when it comes to your feet. These conditions could be a sign that you are developing diabetes, but only your Phoenixville podiatrist will be able to give you a true diagnosis of what’s causing your foot or leg ailments. 

These foot and leg symptoms are often associated with the development of diabetes: 

  • circulation problems–it can cause changes in temperature, color and sensation in feet and legs;
  • unexplained pain—a sign of nerve damage that is usually sharp, shooting or stabbing;
  • numbness or tingling—it can often accompany the temperature change and pain; and
  • change in nail color—usually to a yellowish or blue tint. 

Where Your Phoenixville Podiatrist Helps with Diabetes 

Even if you’re already under care for symptoms of diabetes, you’ll want to make sure that a visit to your podiatrist is a regular part of your health regimen. Diabetes can cause many serious vascular and neurological problems that, if left untreated, could lead to chronic conditions, amputation or even death. 

Regular visits to your podiatrist can provide your body with care in the areas where diabetes or metabolic syndromes have the most impact. Podiatrists often recommend their diabetic patients utilize special treatments, such as specialized shoes, support clothing, exercise programs and dietary changes, to help minimize the damage that could be caused by foot and leg ailments associated with diabetes. 

Whether you are concerned that your foot conditions may be a sign of undiagnosed diabetes or you are already under care for your condition and want to ensure your leg health, a Phoenixville podiatrist is one of your greatest assets when living with diabetes. 

Let a Phoenixville Podiatrist Address your Diabetes Foot Concerns 

Your feet are your foundation – and when something doesn't feel right, they can be telling you more about your body than you may realize. Quick action with a visit to a Phoenixville podiatrist can help you discover ailments before they become serious medical issues. 

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