In the last year, multiple health organizations such as the American heart organization (AAHA), cardiologists and internal medicine organizations, and preventive medicine physicians have been strong proponents of cholesterol control in adults as well as children (whose health habits will affect them as adults).

There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol for the human body. Many people have elevated levels of the “lousy” cholesterol, while they remain in need of healthy cholesterol that can provide for the body by performing actions such as protection against cardiovascular diseases. Elevated cholesterol is a common issue in people with diabetes.

1 once of nuts everyday will provide the body with the appropriate proteins for daily living, and increase the overall amounts of high density lipid (HDL) compounds. High density lipids are the hearty, healthy, “good” cholesterol that the body benefits from compared to low density lipids which is generally the poor, unhealthy cholesterol.

Regular consumption of nuts can:

  • help to stabilize sugar (glucose) levels
  • provide natural, healthy energy
  • help to lower total cholesterol levels

Many packaged nut products can be high in sodium, salts, and fats. Therefore it is better to consume the suggested 1 once quantity of single or mixed nuts so that the each type can provide the body with different, essential nutrients without being too excessive for the body. Eating any nuts (salted or unsalted) is generally better than eating no nuts at all.


Some notes on nuts:

  • Walnuts: Rich in omega-3’s, which help increase memory and lower inflammation. High in antioxidants. High in hearty fats.
  • Almonds: Lower in calories. High in vitamin E which is beneficial to cardiovascular conduits such as veins and arteries.  Good source of magnesium for muscles, as well as the mineral calcium and folate, a type of vitamin B.
  • Pecans: High in antioxidants, and healthy hearty fats known as monounsaturated fats. High in protein.
  • Pistachios: Low in calories and high of lutein which is good for skin, eye sight, and brain functions.
  • Cashews: Great for boosting the immune system; high in copper and iron. Helps to promote zinc in men, which is good for sperm production, hormones, and antioxidants.
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