When you look at the nutrition facts on the back of a soda can or on a bag of candy, do you really understand how much sugar you're ingesting with each serving size? An easy way to visualize the sugar content of a serving size is to take the number of grams of sugar and divide it by two.

Whatever number you get is generally equal to the individual packets of sugar that you might put in a coffee or tea, these packets are often found on tables at coffee shops and diners.
Here is a packet of sour gummy worms. If you have 25 grams of sugar and you divide that number by half you get 12.5 which translates to about 12.5 individual packets of sugar.

You certainly would not put 12.5 packets of sugar into one cup of coffee now, would you? So the next time you eat an entire box of candy or 24oz soda, think about how many packets of sugar you're putting into your body. For someone with diabetes, this can be very important.

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