Once the pain of a heel spur has finally started to subside, you are probably feeling better than you ever have before. You can walk and even run without pain for the first time in months, allowing you to exercise and enjoy your weekends again, and you are grateful to have all of the unpleasantness behind you.

Wait! Before you put on your heels or take that long hike, you should realize that now is the time for prevention. Although your condition is finally on the mend, it can easily recur if the same conditions that caused it remain unchanged. 

To prevent further heel problems, make sure you give proper attention to your:

  • Footwear. As with many foot conditions, what type of shoes you wear greatly affects your condition. If your shoes have improper heel support or arches, your plantar fascia ligament may suffer undue stress. This connective tissue runs along the bottom of your foot and stretches to absorb impact as you walk, and if it becomes inflamed, it can increase your likelihood of suffering another heel spur.
  • Padding. Heel spurs form as fragments on the heel bone grow larger, eventually burrowing into the skin and causing pain. Relieving the pain can be as simple as relieving the pressure on the spur with an orthotic shoe insert, allowing you to walk and place pressure on your heel until the spur recedes
  • Checkups. You should know exactly what is causing your pain before you attempt at-home treatment. Since the symptoms of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis often overlap, you should seek the advice of a trusted Phoenixville podiatrist who can diagnose your condition with an x-ray and thorough physical exam. 

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