Are you experiencing discomfort or difficulty maneuvering due to a sprain or strain? Remember that pain caused by many light sprains are injured ligaments that can be cared for temporarily. A very simple and often underestimated technique for treating a sprain of the foot, ankle, knee or leg can be remembered as P-R-I-C-E.

The PRICE method stands for:

P- Protect the injured area

R- Rest the affected limb

I- Ice or apply a cold pack to the swelling

C- Compression of the area using a bandage

E- Elevate the injured limb

Everyone sprains differently and may experience various symptoms of based on how the ligament was affected. If the pain persists, it is advised to practice the PRICE technique for about a week before consulting a doctor. The staff at Healthmark Foot and Ankle see countless numbers of sprains on a regular basis. For further questions contact us today!