Bunions are painful because they are caused by the big toe turning outward, which causes a bump of tissue and bone. As the base of the toe becomes more pronounced, the bunion starts to progress and become painful. The new angle of the toe, combined with the swelling, can cause painful bunions. 

Painful bunions can also be caused by the development of a hammer toe. The big toe eventually starts to lie under or over the second toe. This results in a hammer toe, which can cause pain and swelling. A Phoenixville podiatrist can assess your bunions and determine the right course of treatment. 

Bunions are caused by compression of the toes, which can result in a physical deformity. Bunions are often caused by too-small or narrow-fitting shoes, such as high heels, which is why women are nine times more likely to develop bunions than men. Heredity, polio and arthritis can cause painful bunions, but these factors are rare. If you delay fixing the problem, the bunions progress and start to hurt. 

Painful bunions can prevent you from performing everyday activities. You may unable to walk more than a few steps without severe pain. You may notice toe swelling and stiffness. If pain relievers and better-fitting footwear don’t do the trick, then you have a severe case of painful bunions that requires surgical treatment from a Phoenixville podiatrist. 

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