A bunion splint is a plastic device used to straighten and realign your big toe. These splints generally have a holder for the big toe and a long support that extends along the bottom of the foot. The support holds the brace in place as the holder “pulls” the big toe away from the other toes, stretching the tendon and taking the pressure off the bunion joint.

There are several different kinds of bunion splints, but they usually fall into two categories:

  1. Flexible splints. Flexible splints are usually made of fabric or elastic. They adjust to fit around the middle of your foot and secure the toe out and away from the rest of the foot with an elastic strap. These are often called “day splints” or “work splints” because they can be worn under socks and shoes.
  2. Hard splints. Hard splints are made from rigid, molded plastic and metal, and they are often used only at night, since the plastic is not intended to bear the weight of your body. Although ready-made rigid braces are available, our Philadelphia foot doctors can fit you with a custom-made rigid splint that will mold perfectly to your foot, so you will feel the least possible amount of discomfort while you heal.

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