Metabolic syndrome is a combination of serious conditions, all of which may impair a patient at the same time, often creating higher health risks. It may be surprising, but your Phoenixville podiatrist may be the first physician to identify the signs of metabolic syndrome 

The health conditions commonly associated with metabolic syndrome include: 

  • high blood sugar levels;
  • excess body fat in the waist or abdomen;
  • high blood pressure; and
  • high cholesterol. 


Metabolic syndrome can result in an increased risk of serious health conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. When at least one of these conditions is present you should consult with a doctor about your risk factors. 

Patients who experience unusual tingling, pain, and numbness in their feet are often suffering from metabolic syndrome. This is due to poor circulation which is one of the side effects of some metabolic syndrome conditions. 

Diabetes is often the first condition diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. Elevated blood sugar levels and obesity can decrease the body’s ability to process glucose and regulate insulin, which can result in type 2 diabetes. Metabolic syndrome patients are also at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases due to the high cholesterol and blood pressure. 

The good news is that your podiatrist can recommend lifestyle changes and exercise programs to help improve your foot health and reduce the impact of metabolic syndrome. Special footwear, healthy exercises, and increased physical activities may help patients lose weight, promote foot health, and decrease the negative impact metabolic syndrome can have on their overall health. 

Metabolic Syndrome Care from a Phoenixville Podiatrist 

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