The temptation to treat your corns yourself can be great.

After all, your local neighborhood drug store likely carries products that contain a special compound called salicylic acid, which has the potential to dissolve the dead skin and keratin that comprise your corn. Moreover, corns—even painful, debilitating ones—may seem "self-treatable."

But self-treating corns—by using salicylic acid or other over-the-counter therapies—can be ineffective and even dangerous.

For instance, salicylic acid can burn away the keratin and unwanted tissue…as well as other healthy parts of your foot! The acid burn can thus set the stage for severe infection. If your immune system is already compromised—if, for instance, you have metabolic syndrome, or peripheral arterial disease or some other compromising condition—then a simple trip to drug store gone wrong can lead to life-threatening secondary complications.

Here's another thing to remember: corns are often symptomatic of larger problems that your podiatrist can help you address. 

For instance, you might be wearing the wrong type of shoes for your work. Or you might suffer from a genetic bone deformation or other structural problem with your feet that, if left unaddressed, will continue to cause you problems (and cost you money) over the longer term.

The podiatrists here at the Healthmark Foot & Ankle Associates in Philadelphia can help you develop a strategic “battle plan” not only to resolve your current corn problems, but also to keep your feet healthy and beautiful for a long time going forward.

Sometimes in life, the path of least resistance is actually the most fraught and expensive path. Yes, you may have a drugstore just down the street. It might be easier to go grab a “quick-fix” solution at your pharmacist's shop. But if you really want to understand and solve your corns for good, give our team a call at 610-565-3668.