Some socks work better than others for preventing corns. It’s important to make sure the socks you wear fit well and allow your feet to breathe. The general rules for socks that relieve corn pressure are:

  • Wear them! Many people opt to go sockless in the summertime—a prime reason they develop painful corns. Socks allow for padding between the shoe material and your foot; without it, your toes are likely to rub against the seams inside your shoes. 
  • Good material, small seams. Cotton or cotton-blend socks provide a good buffer for your toes, but make sure the top seam doesn’t rub against the top or sides of your foot. If necessary, you can turn your socks inside out to make them more comfortable while your corn heals.
  • Stretch them out. Tight socks constrict the toes and make corns more painful, and they put you at risk for developing additional foot ailments.  
  • But don’t stretch them too much. Loose socks can bunch up inside the shoe, so make sure you’re wearing the proper size sock for your foot. You should be able to comfortably wiggle your toes inside your shoe without bunching the sock.
  • Separate your toes. If your toes are unusually shaped, there is a greater chance they will rub together and cause corns. There are special socks for corns that separate the toes and allow your feet to heal, but these are usually worn underneath another pair of socks.

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