Philadelphia Tri-state Area Podiatrists Answer Foot Health Questions

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  • I have first step pain in the morning and when getting up from a sitting position in the afternoon, why?

    First step pain in the foot or ankle can indicate the presence of a variety of acute or chronic pathologies, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, ligament sprains and stress fractures. A common example of first step pain in the morning on getting up from a seated position in the bottom of the heel is called planter pareitis.

  • What is a podiatrist?

    The doctors at Healthmark Foot and Ankle all perform surgery on those patients who require it. All of our doctors have undergone extensive training and have had years of experience in the area of foot and ankle reconstruction and limb salvage surgery. All of our doctors are board certified in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.

  • Why do I feel like I'm walking on stone?

    This is a very common question. The origin may be a skin related problem, nerve entrapment or necroma, loss of fat pad, stress fracture metatarsal head prominence, wart formation or skin cyst formation. The doctors at Healthmark will determine the exact diagnosis after examination and tests to keep you waling comfortably again.

  • Why do I have numbness in my toes?

    Numbness is common to many local and systemic problems. Our office will determine the origin of your numbness. Extensive questioning will occur to properly diagnose and potentially treat your numbness, Referral to other healthcare professionals including appropriate tests will be ordered. Healthmark will find the cause and then treat your symptoms. Potential causes of numbness may include loss of fat on the bottom of your foot, neuroma formation, diabetes, lumbosacrol spine origin, low vitamin B, hypothyroidism, or tarsal tunnel syndrome, to name a few.

  • Why should a patient with diabetes see a podiatrist regularly?

    Diabetes is a multi-system disease many times starting in the lower extremities, especially the feet. The four most common systems include eyes, circulation, nerves, and kidneys. The skin (ulcer formation), GI (difficulty swallowing), and charcot joint (the foot becomes a bag of bones) are common areas associated with diabetes. Recognized early, potential diabetic complications can be aborted and you can successfully live with the disease.

  • How long has Healthmark Foot and Ankle been serving patients?

    Healthmark Foot and Ankle has been serving the Philadelphia tri-state community since 1987. Providing quality service and a comfortable atmosphere you will not receive at our larger competitors. We thank everyone who has remained with us over the years and look forward to many more years to come.

  • Can a sprain be worse than a fracture?

    Sprains are injuries that involve ligaments. Ligaments connect bones to each other and their integrity contributes greatly to joint stability. There are various grades of injury to ligaments. Higher grade injuries can result in chronic joint instability and pain which may require surgical repair. A fracture is an injury to a bone when the tissue of the bone is broken. Many fractures will as strong as it was originally therefore, higher grade sprains can be worse than a fracture.