Philadelphia Tri-state Area Podiatrists Answer Foot Health Questions

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  • Can a sprain be worse than a fracture?

    Sprains are injuries that involve ligaments. Ligaments connect bones to each other and their integrity contributes greatly to joint stability. There are various grades of injury to ligaments. Higher grade injuries can result in chronic joint instability and pain which may require surgical repair. A fracture is an injury to a bone when the tissue of the bone is broken. Many fractures will as strong as it was originally therefore, higher grade sprains can be worse than a fracture.

  • What are hammertoes?

    Hammertoes are contractive deformities of the lesser toes typically resulting from a intolerance of the extensor and flexor tendons. Genetic predisposition, foot structure, and shoe gear will all contribute to the development of hammertoes. Non-surgical treatments consist of higher toe box shoes, pads, anti-inflamatories, and anti-biotics. If a patient continues to experience pain, surgical repair may be necessary.