Philadelphia Tri-state Area Podiatrists Answer Foot Health Questions

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  • Why should a patient with diabetes see a podiatrist regularly?

    Diabetes is a multi-system disease many times starting in the lower extremities, especially the feet. The four most common systems include eyes, circulation, nerves, and kidneys. The skin (ulcer formation), GI (difficulty swallowing), and charcot joint (the foot becomes a bag of bones) are common areas associated with diabetes. Recognized early, potential diabetic complications can be aborted and you can successfully live with the disease.

  • What is a wart?

    Warts, better known in Latin as verruca, are very common skin problems of the body and more specifically the foot. Twenty million cases of warts are treated by U.S. Physicians per year. They can appear anywhere on the body but technically only those on the bottom of the foot are called plantar warts. The wart may seem like a painful callus but nevertheless it is a wart caused by a virus. Warts may appear all over the foot as a single growth, in groups or may spread to other parts of the body such as the fingers. Warts can be very contagious if not treated quickly and regularly. There are several simple procedure for removing warts and preventing the spread of the virus throughout the body.