Our Patients Tell it All: Successful Philadelphia Foot Care Stories

Every day Healthmark patients walk away from our care without pain. They share their stories here.
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  • One of Dr. Flannery's earliest patients still loves his services

    "I have been a patient of Dr. Flannery for over two years and consider him to be a very conscientious, thorough, caring physician. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family and friends."

    Suzanne B.
  • A young adult's shin splints are healed and able to take her through a half-marathon.

    "Hi from Australia Dr. Romansky! I wanted to thank you for helping me get my shins better!  I just ran my first half marathon in Sydney because of you!!!! It was such a great feeling when I crossed that finish line and I couldn't have done it without your help over the past few years!!!"

    Megan N.
  • A patient and her family and friends have been with Dr. Romansky for multiple decades.

    "I have been going to Healthmark foot and Ankle for many years. Also, I have known Dr. Romansky since my sons played high school soccer in the early 1990's when he treated the team for various injuries. The saying that the doctor is only as good as his staff rings very true. From the office manager Randi, to the office staff, and the nursing staff I have been more than pleased. If it's for an emergency or for a simple question, my needs have been met quickly and courteously. The entire staff is efficient, pleasant and skillful: a well-oiled machine! Dr. Romansky is the best! Not only is he a great podiatrist but also someone who cares for my overall well-being. He is very proactive and will recommend a physician or medical service for another problem I might have. He has always greeted me with a smile and a touch of his abounding sense of humor! I have sent many family members as well as friends to Healthmark, and they too have been pleased with this practice. I would recommend Health Foot and Ankle to anyone!"

    Beth W.
  • Over 17 Years of Satisfaction

    "Dr. David Erfle has been my podiatrist for over 17 years. What an outstanding physician! He is extremely knowledgeable in the podiatry field and is a very kind, compassionate, outgoing person. He considers your overall health- not just your feet! Dr. Erfle has performed surgery on my husband's foot and has treated my 17-year-old son since he was 8. Never once have we been disappointed with anything Dr. Erfle has done or recommended to us. He is a top notch doc and i would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

    Linda R.
  • A sports family gives their thanks to Dr. Romansky and Healthmark Foot and Ankle

    "We are big fans of HealthMark Foot and Ankle! We are a sports family and have been going to see Dr. Romansky for years. He has seen us through many soft tissue injuries, broken bones, growing diseases and even surgeries. He knows his craft better than any other doctor around. Dr. Romansky has a wealth of knowledge about the latest treatments and the best methods to treat injuries. He is very thorough and caring, making sure the treatment is appropriate for the sports-minded patient. We have referred several friends, family members and teammates to this medical practice and they all thank us for doing so. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. I cannot say enough positive things about our experiences at HealthMark."

    The Laird family
  • A patient tells of his treatment and recovery under the help of Dr. Erfle

    "After many years of running, biking and racing, I developed a chronic intrasubstance tear of the Achilles. I spent a year and a half working with several doctors and Physical Therapists with disappointing results. At the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Erfle. I took along all of my test results and lists of my physical therapy exercises. Dr. Erfle was impressive, he listened to me and he recognized my desire to return to an active lifestyle that included running and biking. After my second appointment we discussed several options for treatment, and at my request, scheduled surgery. Dr. Erfle clearly explained the surgery and what I should expect for recuperation. The outpatient surgery, at Riddle Hospital, went very well and the recovery process, following the guidelines of Dr. Erfle, was remarkable. Within 5 months of the surgery I was snow shoeing and cross country skiing in Yellowstone National Park. Thank you Dr. Erfle and the staff of Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates!"

    G. R.
  • A patient tells of her autistic son's care from Dr. Erfle

    "My child who has autism is a patient of Dr Erfle's, I could not have found a better doctor, surgeon and friend to my son then Dr Erfle. My son had to have surgery on both of his feet and Dr Erfle was amazing with him from the first appointment and all through his care. Dr. Erfle took his time and explained everything to my son, he was very patient and kind; he truly has great compassion for his patients. My son now considers Dr. Erfle as his good buddy. I would recommend Dr. Erfle to anyone. Not only is he an excellent surgeon, Dr. Erfle is a really great guy too. You also will not find better staff then the staff at Healthmark Foot & Ankle."

    S & M
  • An older athlete discusses her foot treatment from Dr. Erfle

    To Dr. Erfle and the team at Healthmark Foot and Ankle: I just came in from the third run I did this week in the sunshine along the Delaware River. I am thrilled to be back to a previously familiar routine of running. My goal of resuming recreational marathon and triathlon training seems truly on the horizon after my ankle surgery November 7. From the first visit to Dr. Erfle’s office, everything has gone as it was explained to me. Pre- and post-surgery, Dr. Erfle took the time to get to know what impact the injury and surgery might have on me; he has continuously collaborated with me and my goals to assure a positive outcome. When the physical therapist reached out to Dr. Erfle, he was responsive. Having surgery at Riddle Memorial went very smoothly as well. A state of the art facility with a small town feel. Full speed ahead for the Broad Street Run, May 5.

  • I have learned a lot from Dr. Romansky and I would recommend him to anyone.

    "Before meeting Dr. Romansky, I had been struggling with ankle pain and joint laxity for the better part of a year. The issue continued to become worse and began to limit my activity and lifestyle. I am a runner, backpacker, soccer player and coach, so my ankle issue was less than ideal After being told it was osteoarthritis and having doctors in Harrisburg, PA act indifferent towards the problem, my frustrations turned to hope when a former teammate from Elizabethtown College recommended that I visit Dr. Romansky. I decided to make the trip to Media, PA and my first visit with Dr. Romansky was an eye opener. Not only did Doc Romansky make me feel comfortable, he understood how I hurt myself playing soccer and took the time to explain the diagnosis to me. He was thorough, good natured, and direct. I trusted him immediately, especially after he analyzed and detailed the X-rays and MRI for me. When the time came, both Dr. Romansky took the time to answer all of my questions regarding the planned surgery. I clearly understood the procedure and expectations. On the day of surgery and at the follow up appointments your staff kept me laughing and did a stellar job. In my opinion, the entire experience was top notch. Not one time while traveling between Harrisburg and Media was I disappointed or bothered to make the trip. During my recovery and follow up appointments, the doctors did a fantastic job of explaining the situation and answering my many questions while providing valuable information regarding my rehab and return to full activity. It has been one year since my surgery and I can sincerely say that the outcome is better than I expected. I have learned a lot from Dr. Romansky and I would recommend him to anyone. I am very happy to say that I am now back to full activity. Thank you!"

    Andrew O.
  • Doctor Romansky is #1 in our book and we highly recommend him to all.

    "Doctor Romansky is #1 in our book and we highly recommend him to all. He has always gone above and beyond for our whole family. An extremely knowledgeable podiatrist he has treated our family for many ailments. From fractured ankles to shin splints; ingrown toe nails to orthotics; recommending other top notch doctors in different fields to training programs for our children before they entered United States Academies. He has always been there for us, He is a great listener, very thorough in his care and relates very well to physically active adults as he is one himself. The whole support staff at Healthmark Foot and Ankle is just as wonderful as he is. We couldn't ask for a better doctor, we only wish there were more like him."

    Bob and Anne A.