What Your Phoenixville Podiatrist Can Do for Athlete’s Foot 

When you go to your podiatrist with a case of athlete’s foot they will typically use a skin scraping test to confirm that it is athlete’s foot and not another, more serious skin condition. A Wood’s lamp, a black light device, may be used to check for signs of certain bacteria. If both tests are negative your Phoenixville podiatrist may send samples of skin scrapings or blood to a lab for a culture. 

Once a diagnosis of athlete’s foot is confirmed your podiatrist will discuss treatment options. Prescription-strength topical medications are the most common course of treatment, but in some cases oral anti-fungals may be used. These types of medications must be prescribed under careful doctor supervision as they may have serious side effects. 

Your podiatrist may also recommend additional home treatments to help speed along the process such as compresses, wet dressings, or vinegar soaks. It is important to use all of the medication through the period for which it is prescribed, as an interrupted or aborted treatment could allow the fungus to remain and flare up again. 

Working with Your Podiatrist for Prevention of Athlete’s Foot 

When you turn to a Phoenixville podiatrist for treatment of your athlete’s foot, they will also help you understand the causes of the infection and ways to prevent future occurrences. Your podiatrist may suggest changes to your footwear, hygiene tips, and additional home treatments if you experience another infection. 

It is especially important for patients with a compromised immune system to see a podiatrist at the first sign of athlete’s foot. With a weakened immune system your body will not only face a greater challenge when fighting the infection, but will also be more prone to other infections. This is especially true when your skin cracks, peels, or has open blisters. 

Athlete’s foot should never be ignored, as it can progress into severe infections such as cellulitis. When symptoms persist without improvement or worsen during treatment, it’s time to let a podiatrist help. 

When Athlete’s Foot is a Chronic Problem a Phoenixville Podiatrist Can Help 

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