There are a number of people who believe that going barefoot will relieve many common athlete’s foot symptoms, and may even reduce your chances of suffering athlete’s foot in the future. However, to understand whether this is true, you must understand the three stages of a fungal infection:

  • Transmission. Athlete’s foot is passed from person to person by contact, usually by walking barefoot on the same surfaces as an infected person. In this stage, walking barefoot makes it more likely that you will contract athlete’s foot.
  • Symptoms. The fungus that causes athlete’s foot needs a moist, closed environment to thrive. When infected feet are placed in hot, sweaty shoes, the fungus will grow quickly; if the person remains barefoot or wears well-ventilated shoes (such as sandals), the fungus will have a harder time taking hold.
  • Prevention. While walking barefoot may seem like the optimal solution for athlete’s foot, you must remember that while it may relieve your symptoms, it is also how the infection is spread—making it more likely that you will pass on the fungus. 

Our Phoenixville podiatrists are dedicated to clearing up your infection and preventing transmission at the same time. The best treatment includes daily washing and drying of your feet to relieve your symptoms, and wearing loose, breathable socks to protect others.

If you have been dealing with persistent athlete’s foot and want to get rid of the infection for good, we can help. Call HealthMark Foot & Ankle Associates today for an appointment in Media at 610-565-3668 or in Phoenixville at 610-933-8644 or click the link on this page to receive a FREE copy of our book, The Foot is Not an Island: Recognizing Vitamin D Deficiency & How to Correct It.

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