It’s one thing to tell an adult how to control athlete’s foot, but children are a whole different story. Children can spend entire summers without shoes on, and they’re not inclined to follow a health care regimen. So how can you be sure to clear up your child’s athlete’s foot before it spreads to the rest of the family?

To stop the spread of athlete’s foot from person to person, make sure other family members avoid touching:

  1. The bathtub. Make sure your child does not share a bathtub with his siblings while he is being treated for a fungal infection. Rinse the tub with a bleach solution before anyone else uses it.
  2. Towels. Many parents do not realize that a towel can transfer athlete’s foot from one person to another. Make sure that all towels, sponges, and washcloths used during your child’s bath or shower are hung separately and washed immediately.
  3. Bath mats. Most bath mats are not washed regularly, are frequently damp, and are walked on by all members of the family—a perfect place for the spread of a fungal infection. Put your bath mat in the laundry and don’t put it back on the floor until the infection has been cleared up. 
  4. Floors. All of your family members have to share the same floors, of course. To help contain the infection, after your child’s feet have been washed and dried, make sure he puts on a clean pair of cotton socks and keeps them on.
  5. Shoes. Children will sometimes share their sneakers or sandals, making it easy for the fungus to spread to another person. Spray the insides of your child’s footwear with an antifungal treatment, and make sure your child keeps his shoes separate from other children’s shoes to avoid confusion.

The team at Healthmark Foot & Ankle Associates knows that your child’s health is your number one priority. By stopping an infection before it spreads, you can be sure that all of your loved ones will be running around again with healthy feet in no time.

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