Locker rooms, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools and any other damp, warm public places are breeding grounds for the fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot. This foot infection is not only painful, but it is also highly contagious.

So if you want to avoid contracting an Athlete’s Foot infection that causes burning and itching, along with dry, cracked feet, you might want to think twice about walking around barefoot at the local gym. Make sure to bring flip-flops with you, and wear them the moment you pull off your gym socks. They should be worn when walking to and from the pool and even in the sauna and shower.

Carpeted areas in a locker room are also never completely free from the risks of Athlete’s Foot. The fungus can breed deep in the fibers of carpet and other fabric mats, as well as on rubber surfaces.

It is also important not to let anyone else use your flip-flops or other sandals, even if they are family members living in the same household. Athlete’s Foot does not care if you are married or have children. The infection can spread quickly among those living in the same household using the same swimming pool, shower, or floors, so if one person is fighting the fungus, the other members of the household should take heed and steer clear of sharing.

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