When treating athlete’s foot, it’s important to recognize the scope of your condition. It might seem minor (other than being extremely itchy and annoying), but athlete’s foot can develop into a more serious problem unless it is treated properly and completely—and an over-the-counter spray might not do the trick.

Depending on the type of fungus that caused your athlete’s foot, a qualified foot doctor in Philadelphia might recommend:

  • Topical treatments.Topical creams and sprays can relieve mild cases of athlete’s foot. However, if the skin on the sole of your foot is tough or thickened, topical treatments might not be able to penetrate it.In addition, over-the-counter preparations typically contain very low doses of the drug intended to get rid of the fungus, whereas your podiatrist can usually prescribe a stronger treatment.
  • Oral prescriptions. If your athlete’s foot persists despite topical treatment, you might need an oral antifungal medicine to eliminate the infection.
  • At-home treatments. Soaking your feet in vinegar or other home remedies might relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot; however, they might not stop a chronic case from coming back. 
  • A cleansing regimen. A good podiatrist will discuss how to keep future infections at bay through lifestyle changes, such as keeping your feet clean and dry on a daily basis.

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