There are medical solutions to flat feet, depending on your age and the severity of your case. However, treatment is not used very often except in severe cases. Doctors typically will not perform any treatment on children with flat feet because they are still growing; however, a doctor may treat the condition if the child is having pain or problems walking. Even as adults, flat feet typically do not require treatment unless there is pain involved. 

If you have painful flat feet, you should contact a Phoenixville podiatrist for a consultation. Your doctor may recommend orthotic arch support inserts for your shoes or even custom shoes. The treatment will depend on the cause. A condition called tarsal coalition may require surgery if rest and a cast do not improve the condition. Surgery also may be required to repair tendons and fuse joints. 

Although surgery is an option, it should be used only as a last resort. Surgery carries risks such as: 

  • deformities;
  • infection;
  • pain;
  • loss of movement; and
  • failure of the bones to heal. 


Although surgery does carry risks, most patients report better function and reduced pain. However, pain relievers and orthotics should be tried first before resorting to surgery. Talk to a Phoenixville podiatrist about your options. 

If you have flat feet and would like an opinion from an expert in the field, contact Healthmark Foot and Ankle. Healthmark can connect you with a Phoenixville podiatrist who provides excellent care for not only flat feet, but also many other foot and ankle conditions. Contact them today for a consultation at 1-610-933-8644.