Probably not. While arch supports may relieve some of the pressure on your painful flat feet in Philadelphia, they will likely not be strong enough to mold your foot into an arched position. Before you attempt any home remedies on your arches, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to discover what the best treatment for your foot pain will be.

The first thing you should ask your podiatrist is if it is indeed the flatness of your foot that is causing the pain, since many flat feet are painless. There are many different causes of flat feet, including:

  • Genetics. Humans generally develop an arch in their feet around four or five years old. However, many people never develop arches. Flat feet may be simply a genetic variation in foot type; some patients experience pain in the arch and heels, and some people never have any pain as a result.
  • Increased weight. Weight gain can cause the arches to flatten out over time, placing pressure on the tendons and ligaments along the bottom of the foot. This may cause the ligaments to stretch and results in a widened foot and flattened arch.
  • Age. Tendons along the bottom of the foot will also stretch with time. Older patients may experience fallen arches as these ligaments lose their elasticity. 

Once your Phoenixville podiatrist determines the cause of your flat feet,he can help you determine the best course of treatment. At HealthMark Foot & Ankle Associates, we can bring your foot back to normal alignment and ease the discomfort as your feet heal. Call us today at 610-565-3668 in Media or 610-933-8644 in Phoenixville to get a diagnosis on your condition.