Patients with diabetes or immune-compromising conditions such as cancer or HIV should be extremely careful if they develop athlete’s foot. Even with medicated treatments from the pharmacy, your body may not be able to fight the infection and could allow for worse bacterial infections to develop. 

Diabetes patients should already be making regular visits to their Phoenixville podiatrist to make sure their feet are in good shape. There are many foot problems associated with diabetes resulting from poor circulation and this can cause minor infections such as athlete’s foot to allow more serious bacterial infections to enter the body. 

Severe cases of athlete’s foot can cause cracking and open blisters on the feet, which is an open door for bacteria to enter the body. Cellulitis may accompany athlete’s foot if it is not properly treated. This bacterial infection attacks deep within the layers of skin and fat. It can travel in the blood stream and cause blood poisoning and may even infect the bone. 

It is extremely important to seek regular care from your podiatrist and inform them of any symptoms you experience that affect your feet. Itching, burning, cracking, and flaking skin between your toes or on the soles and heels can be early signs of athlete’s foot that can be treated by your Phoenixville podiatrist.  

When Athlete’s Foot is a Chronic Problem a Phoenixville Podiatrist Can Help 

The team at HealthMark Foot & Ankle Associates is dedicated to caring for more than just your feet – we take time to provide comprehensive care for your entire lifestyle. The health of your feet can impact the rest of your body in many ways; that’s why we focus on both immediate and preventative care for our patients. 

With 2 convenient locations in Philadelphia– Media and Phoenixville – our 3-doctor team can give you the personal attention and specialized care you need to get back on your feet and enjoy life again. From sports injuries to diabetic foot care, we are here to help! Contact us at 610-565-3668 for a consultation at our Media office or 610-933-8644 for our Phoenixville office.

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