"Before meeting Dr. Romansky, I had been struggling with ankle pain and joint laxity for the better part of a year. The issue continued to become worse and began to limit my activity and lifestyle. I am a runner, backpacker, soccer player and coach, so my ankle issue was less than ideal

After being told it was osteoarthritis and having doctors in Harrisburg, PA act indifferent towards the problem, my frustrations turned to hope when a former teammate from Elizabethtown College recommended that I visit Dr. Romansky. I decided to make the trip to Media, PA and my first visit with Dr. Romansky was an eye opener. Not only did Doc Romansky make me feel comfortable, he understood how I hurt myself playing soccer and took the time to explain the diagnosis to me. He was thorough, good natured, and direct. I trusted him immediately, especially after he analyzed and detailed the X-rays and MRI for me. When the time came, both Dr. Romansky took the time to answer all of my questions regarding the planned surgery. I clearly understood the procedure and expectations.

On the day of surgery and at the follow up appointments your staff kept me laughing and did a stellar job. In my opinion, the entire experience was top notch. Not one time while traveling between Harrisburg and Media was I disappointed or bothered to make the trip. During my recovery and follow up appointments, the doctors did a fantastic job of explaining the situation and answering my many questions while providing valuable information regarding my rehab and return to full activity. It has been one year since my surgery and I can sincerely say that the outcome is better than I expected. I have learned a lot from Dr. Romansky and I would recommend him to anyone. I am very happy to say that I am now back to full activity. Thank you!"

Andrew O.