To Dr. Erfle and the team at Healthmark Foot and Ankle:

I just came in from the third run I did this week in the sunshine along the Delaware River. I am thrilled to be back to a previously familiar routine of running. My goal of resuming recreational marathon and triathlon training seems truly on the horizon after my ankle surgery November 7. From the first visit to Dr. Erfle’s office, everything has gone as it was explained to me. Pre- and post-surgery, Dr. Erfle took the time to get to know what impact the injury and surgery might have on me; he has continuously collaborated with me and my goals to assure a positive outcome. When the physical therapist reached out to Dr. Erfle, he was responsive. Having surgery at Riddle Memorial went very smoothly as well. A state of the art facility with a small town feel. Full speed ahead for the Broad Street Run, May 5.