"After many years of running, biking and racing, I developed a chronic intrasubstance tear of the Achilles. I spent a year and a half working with several doctors and Physical Therapists with disappointing results. At the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Erfle. I took along all of my test results and lists of my physical therapy exercises. Dr. Erfle was impressive, he listened to me and he recognized my desire to return to an active lifestyle that included running and biking. After my second appointment we discussed several options for treatment, and at my request, scheduled surgery. Dr. Erfle clearly explained the surgery and what I should expect for recuperation. The outpatient surgery, at Riddle Hospital, went very well and the recovery process, following the guidelines of Dr. Erfle, was remarkable.

Within 5 months of the surgery I was snow shoeing and cross country skiing in Yellowstone National Park.

Thank you Dr. Erfle and the staff of Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates!"

G. R.