Perhaps your toes kill whenever you strap on your high heels; you've got hammertoe, but it's an isolated medical incident. Or maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes as well as foot pain; your hammertoe is actually a symptom of a whole-body medical crisis.

Unfortunately, many podiatrists in Philadelphia and elsewhere treat conditions like hammertoe in something of a vacuum. 

Obviously, if you’ve been afflicted by hammertoe, you may need highly specific interventions from a board-certified Pennsylvania podiatrist. For instance, you may need surgery to repair the damaged middle joint in your toe, new shoes to minimize the distress and pain, and help eliminating painful corns and calluses.

But the lack of mobility in your toe could be a red flag for other problems. For instance, it could indicate incipient diabetes or other problems associated with poor blood-sugar control, such as obesity and similar metabolic diseases. Alternatively, the hammertoe might be a sign that you're putting tons of stress on your joints due to poor ergonomics or ill-fitting shoes. The sooner you identify the related conditions, the sooner you can take corrective action to avoid expensive surgeries and rehabilitation.

Other indirect factors that could cause hammertoe include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and blood pressure or blood clotting problems. Factors as diverse as the stress in your life and the amount of junk food you consume can also impact the health of your feet.

Conversely, by looking at your foot health in an integrated context, you can often identify potential risks before you suffer serious damage.

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