At Healthmark we see regular traffic of athletes who suffer from heel bruises. Whether it’s from a rough skateboarding landing or heel-striking while running, temporary heel damage can be a painful injury that you’re reminded of with each step.


Regular pain of the heel pad with each step or direct contact with a surface could be a sign of a heel bruise; not to be mistaken with heel spurs of the tendons around the heel. Traditional yellowish or black and blue discolored bruising isn’t always apparent with heel impact damages. Sometimes the heel will look perfectly normal despite the unnatural pain. 


Some over the counter insoles can help prevent heel bruises; more sole support and cushion can help reduce impact stress. Once a heel bruise has been sustained continuing to walk on it with normal footwear can prolong the pain or even make the injury worse. Your podiatrist can offer you solutions depending on the severity of the injury. Sometimes a boot or cast is necessary, in addition to meds or physical therapy. Pain in the heel can mean a multitude of different conditions: it's best to let a podiatrist diagnose the problem. We see these injuries on a regular basis, and they are simple to fix based on our physicians’ recommendations.