Whether your podiatrist visit is for a specific concern or just a general checkup, it’s important to know what may take place during your consultation. Typically, you’ll need to fill out paperwork. This includes your medical history, so it’s best to bring lists of your medications, dates of surgeries and medical conditions that you are aware of. 

Once you meet with your Phoenixville podiatrist, you’ll discuss the purpose of your podiatrist visit as he or she conducts your initial exam. A visual look at your feet, ankles and legs can give your doctor an immediate clue to some conditions that may be present. Blood tests may be necessary to check for certain conditions such as diabetes, which can cause poor circulation and neuropathy in the feet. 

Make sure that you tell your podiatrist about any unusual symptoms or changes you’ve noticed in your feet. Sometimes a general examination is not enough to detect nerve damage or circulation issues. When you tell your doctor you are experiencing numbness, tingling, pain or loss of temperature, he or she may discuss additional tests to determine the cause of these conditions. 

After your initial exam, your podiatrist will review your medical history and address any concerns you have with in-house test results and findings. If further review is needed, you'll schedule the proper tests, or the podiatrist may be able to make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan immediately. 

A Phoenixville podiatrist visit should be a priority when you experience any unusual symptoms or changes in your feet. It’s also a good measure to have regular podiatrist care when you are prone to foot conditions, such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome. 

Take the Anxiety out of a Phoenixville Podiatrist Visit 

Don’t let the fear of a medical diagnosis and treatment prevent you from seeking care for your feet when you need it. Leaving foot problems unchecked because you keep putting off a podiatrist visit may only make matters worse. 

The Phoenixville podiatrist team at HealthMark Foot & Ankle Associates is dedicated to caring for more than just your feet; we take the time to provide comprehensive care for your entire lifestyle. Our 3-doctor team can give you the personal attention and specialized care you need to get back on your feet and enjoy life again. Contact us at 1-610-565-3668 for a consultation at our Media office or 1-610-933-8644 for our Phoenixville office.