Are you pregnant, or potentially planning on having children? While pregnancy affects all parts of a woman's body in different ways, the feet and legs are greatly influenced during the nine months of carrying a child. During pregnancy, a healthy woman's body will normally increase in weight; much of this due to water weight. Having a child (or children) in the womb puts lots of pull on the spine and lower back, as well as pressure on the legs and feet. Although every woman's pregnancy is unique, being with child can increase chances for the following:

  • Stiffness of the legs and feet.

  • Aches while standing, sitting, and resting.

  • The formation of varicose veins (also known as spider veins).

  • General fatigue of the entire body as well as of the lower half.

  • Swelling of the ankles and feet.

During the nine months that a woman carries her baby, there are measures that can be taken to help reduce these inevitable physical feelings that are experienced on the legs and feet. These suggestions can also be used well before pregnancy to prepare the mind and body for the natural processes that it will soon endure.


  • Gentle stretching of the calf, hamstring, and quad muscles can keep blood circulating and muscles relaxed and able to bear greater loads from the upper body.

  • Light exercise: enough to break a sweat, get your heart rate up, and blood pumping.

  • Consistent hydration and proper nutrition.

  • Ankle movements: practice flexing your heel so that the foot moves front to back, followed by circular motions. This exercise will help reduce swelling of the ankles and feet by allowing blood to flow more freely and reducing pressure from weight of the upper body.

  • Help from a partner: pregnancy is always better when the mother can share it with someone else. A partner can provide massages of the feet, legs, and lower back areas and can accompany you to make stretching and relaxation techniques safer and more enjoyable.

  • Prenatal yoga: this special sect of yoga has many benefits to the body and mind of a pregnant woman. The sequences practiced in this special type of yoga allows the pregnant body to remain flexible and loose, while allowing restorative blood flow and oxygen to parts of the body that might experience less amounts due to the carrying load of a child.


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