CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses how here in the United States we have slowly taken the fats out of our foods, by replacing them with sugars. New studies show that as sugars take the place of fats, they are having adverse affects on our bodies and our overall health. Fat and sugars are now working similarly to form ailments such as raised cholesterol which can cause heart disease and raised blood pressure.

One of the offered solutions is to, “eat real food,” which means to have a diet that excludes prepackaged, preserved, and pre-made food. This is an important theme for people with diabetes, people who are out of shape, and for those suffering from obesity. In addition to choosing less prepackaged foods, understanding that just because it says, “low fat” or “reduced fat” does not necessarily mean that these are better for you. These types of foods often have increased preservatives and sugars that are just as harmful to your body as fats.


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