Summer time means cute shoes, sandals, and open-toed flip-flops, but it also means risk for each of your little toes. Here we see a first hand account of what happens when flip-flops are worn among large crowds of people. This young lady lost her big toenail at a Kenny Chesney concert while scurrying through a large crowd of people. The nail lifted right off the nail bed when it came in contact with the edge of an exit door. This injury can be painful and bloody one, but it reminds us that we should always consider protecting our toes and feet even when it's hot out.














After sustaining an toenail loss injury, make sure the affected area remains protected and clean so as to reduce the chances of:

  • the nail growing back deformed
  • the formation of fungus
  • the regrowth of an ingrown toenail
  • and to make sure the nail grows back flat and healthy


For any nail to grow back completely it generally takes at least 200 days to have the nail covering the toenail bed to reform. Always make sure you protect your toes and toenails for situations where they might get stepped on or caught in doorways.

If you have lost any toenail, please seek the toe specialists here at Healthmark Foot and Ankle for more advice and help on allowing your injury to regrow safe and healthy.


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