Smoking increases the risk for serious complications after major surgery, but former smokers who stop at least a year before going under the knife had risks close to those of never-smokers, according to a new study. The American University of Beirut Medical Center in Lebanon has conducted studies that show differences in number of deaths and health-related risks after surgery among regular smokers, quitting smokers, and non smokers. Although current smokers were more likely than nonsmokers to die post-surgery, the former smokers who had quit at least a year before had no increased risk of death compared to the never-smokers. Increased carbon monoxide in the body, low blood flow, and poor circulation are all direct results of smoking and general tobacco use. These conditions (among others) can increase the risk of infection, improper healing after surgery, and even death.

It it well accepted among the medical community that tobacco use jeopardizes many different parts of the body such as circulation, breathing, mental health, and the health of individual, internal organs. Non-smokers generally heal better than active, regular smokers. If you are scheduled to have surgery, it is another great reason to stop smoking. At Healthmark Foot and Ankle we encourage our patients to stop using tobacco so that they can heal from their injuries better and quicker, lower their chances of complications before, during, and after surgery, and so that they can improve their quality of overall health.

For questions about how tobacco use may affect your body or your feet and legs, contact the specialists at Healthmark Foot and Ankle today!

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