The new wave of muddy obstacle courses has spawned an era of physical fitness challenges for athletes of all types. It's not just about doing marathons and triathlons anymore, athletes are now pushing their limits to see how much their bodies can physically take through different mediums. The Spartan Race is said to be the toughest of the mud races. Not only are they muddier, they are longer and much more trying. There have been Spartan Races throughout the world that have resulted with only a handful of people able to finish them. Running through pits of fire, crawling through mud beneath barbed wire, dragging 75 pound loads of rocks are just a few of the challenges put forth during Spartan Races.


Two Healthmark patients have been regularly participating in these Spartan Races and proving to themselves and everyone else, that no injury can slow them down. Both super-athletes have come to Healthmark Foot and Ankle to seek help for issues such as bunions and foot reconstruction. Our doctors also discuss training habits and protocol, shoe recommendations, along with general fitness check-ups for each athlete. Both individuals do an average of about ten of these obstacle races every year.


If you regularly participate in these types of challenges or you are interested in doing one, the doctors at Healthmark Foot and Ankle can help you prepare.

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