Because we rely on them so much for mobility, our legs and feet take a bit more abuse than the rest of our body. Scraped knees, bruised shins and stubbed toes are common for many of us and rarely need serious medical attention. However, when a wound on your leg or foot takes longer than normal to heal, it could be a sign of a greater problem. 

When you have a slow-healing wound on your leg or foot, it’s wise to consult a podiatrist as soon as possible. Your podiatrist can examine the wound for signs of infection and check your circulatory system. Poor circulation prevents normal wound healing and can make you more prone to infections. 

If your podiatrist identifies that your wounds are slow to heal due to poor circulation, it may raise the question of whether you suffer from diabetes. Diabetics often develop poor circulation, which can lead to slower healing, skin conditions and loss of sensation in the legs and feet. 

There’s no reason to delay seeking help from one of your podiatrists at Healthmark when you have a soreness, bruising, cuts or scrapes on your leg or feet that just won’t go away. Other common foot conditions, such as ulcers, blisters, and infections—like athlete’s foot—may also be slower to heal due to poor circulation caused by diabetes. 

Remember that your feet can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your body. Foot conditions could be one of the first signs of diabetes, so make sure to consult your podiatrist as soon as you notice any serious problems.  

Let a Healthmark Podiatrist Address your Diabetes Foot Concerns 

Your feet are your foundation – and when something’s not feeling right, they can tell you more about your body than you may realize. Signs of diabetes can often be present in your feet well before you realize them in the rest of your body. Quick action with a visit to your podiatrist can help you discover ailments before they become serious medical issues. 

The team at Healthmark Foot & Ankle Associates is dedicated to caring for more than just your feet; we take time to provide comprehensive care for your entire lifestyle. From sports injuries to diabetic foot care, we are here to help!

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