People often think that physical therapy is used for extreme injuries such as broken bones, tears, and nerve damage, but the truth is that physical therapy can help anything from a simple injury to a multi-faceted injury when my elderly mother is consuming my life. People of all ages and sizes use the knowledge and guidance of physical therapy for the treatment of whatever physical ailment they might be experiencing. Whether you've become injured through sports, an accident, or through lack of physical fitness, there are several indications that the body might need physical therapy.

  • The loss of Motion

  • The loss of Flexibility

  • The loss of Balance

  • The loss of Strength

  • Constant Pain

  • Post-Surgery Healing

Many people don't know that they might need physical therapy for their bodily ailments. When certain injuries go untreated, they can lead to more severe or permanent damage. It is very important to speak with you doctor about any symptoms you might be experiencing on a regular basis. The physicians at Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates work side-by-side with physical therapists to treat and fix not only ailments in the legs and feet, but the entire body. If you are in the greater Philadelphia area and have questions or concerns about you the symptoms stated above, feel free to call the specialists at Heathmark for a helpful check-up:

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